Invitation for partners to participate in Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project
5. 1. 2012  •  Calls for applications

In our previous research we used our own on-line knowledge assessment system which we used in Slovene primary schools. Now we would like to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation). If our project is accepted, we will expand the usage of the system to the next education level and make necessary arrangements for its use in technical schools in different countries.

The project will involve different stages including preparation (e.g. instruction for use, user interface translation, task translation, entering of country’s specific curriculum, entering of tasks), usage (e.g. task solving) and evaluation (e.g. student progress observing, result comparing in different countries) of the system and collected data. The main result of our project will be international evaluation of the system and its tasks. At the end of the project it is expected that system will remain accessible to all interested schools in cooperating countries.

We are seeking two partners for partnership in this project. If you are an organization participating in secondary education and have interest in cooperation, please contact us on e-mail ( and we will work out the details.

Your response is required by January 12, 2012. The deadline for submission is in the beginning of February, therefore time is of essence. The duration of the project is 24 months starting in October 2012.

The system is available online ( and is currently translated in Slovenian and English.

File: Invitation LdV.pdf

Benjamin Kralj

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Invitation for partners to participate in Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project
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