Lively discussion in Cyprus
4. 9. 2013  •  TikTakTest

This week the TikTakTest presents its research findings in Cyprus on the ESERA conference that is taking place in Nicosia. The presentation took place during the invited posters session from 10:30 to 13:00 September 4th in A009 at Cyprus University.

European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) organises conference every 2 years in different European country. This year's conference connects science education researches with the theme: Science Education Research for Evidence-based Teaching and Coherence in Learning.

During the presentation there was lively discussion on the research findings and possible future cooperation with early career researcher Benjamin Kralj (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Slovenia). Presented work is briefly described on ESERA 2013 conference page. You can also download recently published paper in Acta Chimica Slovenica and check some online exams:

Chemistry knowledge test
Astronomy knowledge test
Geography knowledge test
Physics knowledge test


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