About the system

Idea and design of TikTakTest.si has been first introduced to public in 2008 when the author defended his graduation paper from Chemistry and Physics at the Faculty of Education University of Ljubljana. The Faculty’s senate decided to honor his work titled 'Preverjanje znanja iz kemije s spletno aplikacijo' with France Prešeren’s award.

Fully convinced that active "on-line" collaboration can bring new quality into learning process between teacher (source) and student (learning process goal) led the author from very simple scheme to more useful ones, which then became linked and interlinked. All this with the aim to create quality web spot with which gathering different information about quality of learning transfer would be simple.

The main goal is therefore achieved since the system is already allowing students to test their knowledge quickly and simply. You don't have to wait for the result if you are a student and you don't have to spend hours correcting knowledge tests if you are a teacher. With the help of TikTakTest you can quickly learn what you don't know yet. It offers you result instantly and you can always get more and new tasks.

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